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Twilight Fires by Sabine Oishi

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Coming Soon! A new novel by Sabine Oishi. Please check back, we'll post the upcoming release date here and on our website soon.

Twilight Fires - by Sabine Oishi

Archway Publishing, 2023

Twilight Fires introduces a cosmopolitan woman in her twilight years, who after a devastating loss has to open herself up to the possibility that she may still have a future. Gabrielle fell in love with Paul, a young lawyer, in Paris, and followed him to America, where they started a family, renovated an old carriage house and turned an overgrown patch of land into a beautiful garden. When Paul dies unexpectedly, she is overwhelmed by having to cope with everything on her own. Resigned that in the twilight of her life she will live out her remaining years on her own, she loses herself in her memories - her fear-haunted childhood in Nazi occupied France, her student days in Paris, an early, clandestine love, her whirlwind courtship and pivotal events in her marriage.

A close friend introduces her to Leila, a landscape architect, who is coping with a loss of her own. In working with her on redesign the garden to make it more manageable, Gabrielle herself goes through a transformation, and feelings that she thought had died with her husband begin to flare up again. Will she dare to reach for the future that is on offer?

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